Choose a memorial card

How to Choose a Memorial Card

By celebrating the life of a loved one in your choice of Memorial Card you cherish their shared history in a way that is as unique and special as they were. We understand how important this is to you; your chance to pay a final and lasting tribute that is both personalised and tasteful and which will become a keepsake for those left behind.

Our Memorial, Expression and Prayer Cards symbolise special people and events of our past while aiding us with wisdom, strength, comfort or balance in the present. They can represent any situation close to your heart and mind and can be customised to the exact way you want to remember it. The CityGold range of In Memoriam cards allows you an enormous variety of options from using personalised backgrounds and photos which relate closely to both you and your beloved. A favourite flower, scene or hobby can all depict a cherished memory and convey the real person behind their photo. We have an extensive range of select verses or you may wish to have a favourite poem or passage printed onto your card.

3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Cards at City Memorials:

1. Choose Card(s) & Style

2. Choose Verse

3. Select Photograph(s) OR Design your Own Unique Card

Delivery: Your order will be despatched within 4 – 5 days, however should you need your cards sooner, we can usually oblige – just let us know when placing your order. If you have chosen the City Gold range of memorial cards you will receive a proof of the cards for your approval before printing.

Choosing a photo

Choosing your Photograph

Using digital technology, we can select the image of your loved one from a group photograph and super-impose it onto a background of your choice. When sending group photographs, please indicate your loved one by lightly marking the back of the photograph with an “X”.

It is important when choosing your photograph(s) to pay close attention to the quality of the image.  If possible, choose a close-up photograph. If you are not sure which photograph to use, we would be happy for you to send us more than one and we will advise you on which photo is likely to reproduce most clearly.

We are happy to receive photographs by email.  Images should be at least 300dpi.  Please call us if you have any queries. You can choose from a large selection of backgrounds and may have a photograph in many different styles and effects.

Choosing your photograph