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Helpful links and information.

Bereavement happens to us all at some point in our lives. Mostly we expect it to be later on in life, perhaps through an elderly relative, preceded by failing health, and where we have an idea that we are going to be faced by loss. Yet many peoples’ experience of loss is not like this. For some it is sudden and unexpected, and for others, even though they know their loved one is dying, when it happens it comes as a great shock, and they are overwhelmed by unexpected feelings.

There has been a wealth of literature written on grief by grief therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and by everyday people both on the internet and offline.

The Links that we recommend:

Cruse Bereavement Care –
Cruse is available to support you after the death of someone close. Find out how get help for yourself or for a child by reading articles, or contacting Curse for telephone, email, or face-to-face services.

UK Government Advice –
Advice on what you should do practically after a death.

Advice from ‘NHS Choices’ on dealing with grief and loss.